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ARCHY Group is totally committed to provide quality products that always meet the needs and expectations of customers for reliability, safety, financial prudence and on-time delivery of shipments. To achieve this objective, ARCHY Group provides all the necessary resources to ensure a well equipped and adequately trained, and experienced manpower to take proper care of customer requirements. ARCHY Group emphasizes that quality is the shared responsibility of its entire staff.

The company ensures that all personnel are familiar with, and work to, the company's work practices as well as in conformity with the legal and other obligatory requirements and are determined to comply with the requirements of Buyer's expectations e.g. code of conduct, social compliance and continually improvement of the product.

The Quality Assurance Department (QAD) has brought an unique opportunity for ARCHY Group reviewing the product quality in a decent manner and achieve business excellence from buyers’ through its continual improvement. Our ultimate goal is to produce quality products and achieve customer satisfaction.